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For over 25 years, Delta has been successfully dealing with the trade and processing of steel and non-ferrous metal crap. We are an experienced supplier of metals for metallurgical industry in Europe and Asia.

Delta introduced quality system based on ISO standards for the sake of the customer and as a result of constant improvement and development as well as fight for its position on the metallurgy market. On 1 December 2001, Delta was awarded an ISO 9001 certificate, granted by TÜV Management Service GmbH implementation unit.

Modern machinery park allows us to select non-ferrous metals regarding its chemical structure with the accuracy of 0.001 % of one element content. Due to persistence in achieving our goal and solid work Delta company currently ranks among the top companies which deal with wholesale trade of scrapped metals.

Our motto is professionalism, experience in work with metals, serious and comprehensive approach to business partners and strong financial position.