Purchase and processing of scrap steel , non-ferrous metals and cables.

Recyclable materials have huge meaning for economy - they can make possible saving energy and contribute to limiting the exploitation of the natural environment. The purchase of scrap, its recycling and recovery of valuable production materials its not only an ecological need but also testament to modern, ecological thinking. Especially important is sourcing this valuable metals, which rarely are in nature and cost of extraction and processing is high. Purchase of non-ferrous metal is one of areas in which our company specializes.

Zbiorowisko złomu

Scrap metal purchase

We buy scrap steel and non-ferrous metals. We offer attractive prices.

Metalowe elementy


We are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of post-cable granulate and scrap recycling to batch form.

Kolorowe kable

Purchase and processing of cables

If you have cables and wires from vehicles, agricultural machinery or other equipment, please visit our purchase centre.

Stare auta

Vehicle scrapping

We offer vehicle disposal services. We prepare the necessary documents.

Złom na handel

Scrap trade

We supply cheap but high-quality recycled material to manufacturers who are looking for ecological and energy-saving solutions.

Transport złomu

Loading services

We have an extensive fleet of trucks to provide our customers with convenient transport of scrap metal and raw materials. 

kule metalowe

Grinding media for ball mills

Our offer includes high quality grinders for ball mills.



Delta has its own transport fleet and proper licences for delivering and reloading any quantity of goods in any place in Europe.

Car recycling and recycling of car cables

Recovery of valuable metals is possible from many sources. We can include to them exploited devices, car accumulators, electricical cables and other non-ferrous metals scrap which is recyclable. Parallel with sourcing this materials ,dangerous substances are utilized. Throwned away on garbage dump they will be dangerous for environment and people. One of our company specialization is car recycling which are source of non-ferrous scrap. We are making recycling of car cables, purchase accumulators, other parts of vehicles and whole cars. Materials recovered in recycling process are using by our receiver from whole country. Thank to them they can make cost of production lower and save nature.

samochody na złomie

Złom w kontenerze

Many years of experience and reliable approach to the customer makes us diffrent

Our company from many years make experience when it comes to purchase of steel scrap and non-ferrous metals. We have at our disposal a highly developed fleet of vehicles equipped with self-loading equipment. It makes possibility for our employees to receive scrap from a client without problems all over the country and abroad.

Thank to experience we have professional knowledge which is nesessary to work and we created developed associated network. They let us - in combination with the most high quality of measuring equipment - to offer the most high prices to suppliers.