Non-ferrous metals and steel scrap recycling is one branch of waste economy. This can be proved by the fact that only the purchase of copper and aluminium scrap constitutes 30% of this metal. In the same way is obtained about 40% of steel. Only in our country 500k tons of non-ferrous metals are obtained annually from scrap . Half of this quantity is purchase of aluminum scrap. Recycling allows to make lower cost of production ,products made from non-ferrous metals and steel. It also make businessmans independent when it comes to foreign ore suppliers. Delta Sp. J actively take a part in processing of secondary raw materials.For 25 years we have been dealing with the purchase of stainless steel scrap and its other varieties . We also do purchase, process and sell scrap of non-ferrous metals - copper,zinc, lead,aluminium and their alloys - brass and bronze . Thanks to qualified staff and excellent machines we prepare the material for the batch form and deliver it to our clients by our own transport.


Car recycling and spare parts sales

In services offer made for you, we included also car recycling. We have been running it since 2012 providing comprehensive service in this area including preparation all of nesessary documents. We are doing also purchase of accumulators and purchase of car cables. We recycle our scrapped vehicles and we are giving to our clients received spare parts. We also have parts for the S60 and S49 railway tracks in stock. If you are interested in selling or buying steel scrap, maybe you have aluminium scrap or other non-ferrous metals scrap , and maybe you are looking for some place to recycle your car - we invite you to contact with our company by phone or email.